B·O·N·D International Virtual Live Performance Festival is initiated by a New York-based Chinese artist, He Tianding, with six interdisciplinary artist co-founders. Members of the committee are young artists in theatre, film, literature and visual art fields all around the world. For many international artists whose regions have been influenced by the pandemic, the estrangement between people feels deeper than ever since the in-person performances and gigs are being cancelled and postponed. You may feel stuck at the current stage with no place to show your work and you may desire quality communication with artists who are sharing your emotions. Therefore, the B·O·N·D International Virtual Live Performance Festival was born. Our goal is to break the isolation in the post-covid era and set up a virtual stage for artists and spectators to feel and share with each other.


Tianding He

Artistic Director, Initiator, Producer

He Tianding, originally from China, is a New York-based director, producer and performer. Recent directing credits include virtual theatre piece, South Node of the Moon; immersive theatre, The White Night(Margo Feiden Gallery, NYC), Versailles 2.0 (Shanghai Theatre Academy); puppet show, Me, You, He & She(Puppet BloK Dixon Place); physical theatre, Invisible Days (UNIFIX NYC); and performing art pieces, Getting Lost with Yoko Ono in NYC. She also produced off Broadway and off off broadway shows: The Romantic Misadventures of Ah Q (Theatre Row) and A Language of Their Own (IATI Theatre). She has a master’s degree in Performance Studies from Tisch School of Arts in NYU, and a second MA in Theatre of Hunter College. She’s focusing on creating intercultural, multimedia and experimental art pieces with artists all over the world.

Bingxu Wang

Marketing Director

Bingxu Wang, born in Shenyang, 1996, is an interdisciplinary artist, educational scholar, cultural worker, and queer activist based in Shenyang & NYC. A diverse background brought them to the intersection of New Media, Theatrical Production, Songwriting/Poetry, and Art Education in which they are keenly curious about the political and educational values of the combination for every generation.

As an artist, I stand in awe of any kind of transformation our artists have tried, devotedly or reluctantly. All the arts we make and all the things we do mean to break and rebuild our BONDs again and again all over the world, in other words, to survive ourselves and save our arts.

Manning Qu

Technology Director

Manning Qu, an experience designer and new media artist working at the intersection of design, immersive theater and technology. Before getting her second master degree majored in ITP at NYU, Manning worked as a game designer and interaction designer at Funplus, Tencent and Microsoft. As an interdisciplinary artist, her works include interactive installations, mixed-reality experience, multimedia performance. Her work Marriage Machine,AFLOAT and Vessel were shown at NYSCI, Elements Music Festival, and Rlab. She also works as associate producer and creative technologist of Elizabeth White Creative, and created multimedia dance:OAETH and Persephone.

Xinyuan Zhao

PR Director

Xinyuan, being a director and producer, currently based in Shanghai, China. She is  also the founder of POT Studio, which is majoring in the import of foreign musicals, dramas and concerts. As the executive producer, she held the first Russian musical project Illumination in China.

After the breakout of the pandemic, she was keenly aware of the need for virtual performance. She produced POT Live online concert project from April, launched in total of 7 solo concerts performed by Russian and German musical artists.

She has a master's degree in Culture Study from HKUST, which gives her diversified views to the theatre markets. Now, She still has two imports of original musicals under operating.

Yibin Wang

Associate Director of Artistic Dept.

Yibin (Bill) Wang, from Hangzhou, China, received his B.A. in Theatre and Performance from Bard College and will be an M.F.A. candidate in the Theatre Program at Columbia University this fall. As a multi-disciplinary theatre artist, he has devised and directed original plays such as The Family and Those of Us at Bard. In 2018, he recreated The Family and put it on stage to the public in his hometown. He has worked at Tatwerk Berlin and Hupan University as a theater intern. His recent productions include Our Grandparents/旧识 (writer and director) at the Luma Theater, Fisher Center, and Mad Forest (actor, dir. Ashley Tata) at the virtual stage. He is interested in mental-physical connections in the theatrical space and the difference between the east and the west in this field.

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