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3rd B·O·N·D International Virtual Performance Festival

Dec 3 - Dec 25, 2022 (Extend to Jan 25, 2023)

Deniz Khateri - The Cello’s Dialogue - Iran



    During the first year of the post-pandemic era, adverse health effects and deaths are slowing down, while displacement separation and deprivation persisted in communities across the world. People were forced to leave their homeland because of warfare. Urbanites under tyranny are deprived of freedom and open access to all. Womxn bodies and lives are under oppression and systemic brutality. Near the exact time, humans started their fantastical exploration in both the universe and the metaverse. What are lands and bodies in new dimensions and cyberspace? The land and the body that we once took for granted–what do they mean now? How do we define its relationship and connection with us?

B·O·N·D In Your City

    This year, we expand B·O·N·D in Your City, a series of artist-led, world-touring in-person live events, to more cities and countries in the world. On December 10th and 11th, multispace live performances, artistic dialogues, and community-creative circles will be hosted concurrently in New York (US), Montreal (Canada) and Santiago (Chile).

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Digital screening

︎ Szu Shihmin - Lisin, lisin - Taiwan

︎ Verónica Díaz-Muñíz - Colonial Feelings - Chile

Olga Rabetskaya - Elevator - Belarus ︎

︎ Lydia Jialu Li - Guerrilla’s Song - China

Giyoung Kim - Project Gaeng - Korea ︎

︎ Amanda Glynn Card - Tulips - US

Deniz Khateri - The Cello’s Dialogue - Iran 

︎ NUUM - Walking Mass - Cyber