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B·O·N·D International Virtual Performance Festival was founded by Tianding He with an international artist team in the midst of the pandemic in 2020. The name “B·O·N·D” is short for “Beyond Our New Distance''. The festival aims to bond different entities, cultures and continents through the power of performing arts, despite political, economical or environmental challenges. Rooted in the noninstitutionalized and undefinable spirit of the avant-garde art, this pioneering annual festival keeps incubating and evolving in themes, media as well as sensory experiences. 

ABOUT B·O·N·D 2021

        The inaugural B·O·N·D Virtual Live Performance Festival in 2020 engaged over 250,000 audiences from across the world, with 25 selected performances carefully chosen and curated from a pool of global submissions. This year, co-curated with CHUANG Stage, we are excited to support a chosen cohort of Chinese descent theater-makers currently residing and working in New York, Toronto, Brussels, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing; the cohort is commissioned to each create a new, digital monodrama that collectively manifests the underrepresented voices and experience of the Chinese diaspora.

        Projected for global live-streamed premiere in June, the cohort of theater-makers are given multitudes of artistic support and freedom towards bold statements in unprecedented moments for artists of Asian descent around the world. The new B·O·N·D Festival in 2021 seeks to build communities upon solidarity, visibility and continued imagination for new forms, mediums and stories in the virtual performance world. Created and led by US-based Chinese women theater-makers, the festival is driven to uplift Asian and minority voices through curating and learning with our artists and audiences in the face of crises and the hopes for a brighter future.